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    • Hahahah @SteelByDesign I love it! I live in Pittsburgh. 🙂
    • I'm actually born and raised in Cincinnati! My dad is from near Pittsburgh, and I still have a lot of family there but was raised as a fan from the beginning.  My artist was a Bengals fan and grumbled throughout but did a great job!
    • Well, it's been almost a year so now I'm excited to have booked my next piece while on vacation in Austin a month from now! I'm in with Jon Sproul at Moon Tattoo and he's going to be filling in the last remaining spot on my leg, so (once reasonably healed) I'll be posting in both the Latest Tattoo Lowdown and the Squidpants threads. 
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    • By awaken
      Hey everyone! I'm a 20 year old college student just looking to talk tattoos with someone every now and again. I have one tattoo, and it's only 4 days old! In two weeks I'll be getting my second one, and I'm super excited. I hope you folks don't mind answering a couple questions I have regarding my tattoo. First, I notice a bit of blowout. I was wondering if a little bit of blowout is normal, and if it will go away. Secondly, I was not instructed to wrap it every day, so I have not been doing that. I have been, however, washing it and applying a bit of lotion on it twice a day. I want to know if I'll be alright just doing that, or if I need to take other measures as far as aftercare goes.
      I'll provide photos :) Let me know what you all think! Thanx!
    • By Buddhisttattoofan
      Hello tattoo enthusiasts!
      I am posting here today because 5 days ago I got a beautiful Buddhist mantra tattooed on my inner forearm and there seem to be a few color irregularities and a kind of hole. It was wrapped in plastic when I left the tattoo shop I did everything my tattoo artist told me to do except one thing. When I went to buy bacticrin or wtv it's called I could not find it, so I bought tattoo goo instead. Seems legit I checked online many agree it works well. So pretty much since I took the bandage off five days ago it has been covered in a very thin layer (as thin as possible) of tattoo goo. So far it's been good but now the two most important parts of my tattoo are experience some spots of color loss also the beginning of the tattoo nearest the hand is the same color as the end, yet it seems darker. The black in tattoo is behaving beautifully not red itchy or anything it almost looks like it's healed. It's only two parts of blue that are giving me trouble. I've been thinking about going back to the tattoo parlour but it's pretty far. But it's a reputable place and the tattoos he's done and drawings he's done were beautiful. http://i.imgur.com/Tz48BMC.jpg
      Help me Last Sparrow Tattoo Enthusiast, you're my only hope.
    • By revs114
      I'm really curious as what you guys do as far as the beach/swimming pools go. We all know how bad sun exposure is for tattoos. Do you avoid these places all together? Or sit in the shade? Or tan with high SPF sunblock on?
      I personally go to the beach and sit in the sun, putting on SPF50 and reapplying often, is this safe for my tats or should I just stay in the shade?
      Lets hear your opinions!
    • By Matt22091
      So I was skating this weekend and ate shit pretty hard and my forearm got a little mangled up. Its nothing that really looks "deep" but it is a bit scabbed/colored weird from trying to heal itself. Is it going to be fine, what should I do with the scrape/tattoo. I hope I didn't ruin the part that is scraped.
      - - - Updated - - -
      Thank you
    • By Pugilist
      Of course they're totally worth it, it's not so bad, blah blah blah, but I thought it might be nice to have a space to bitch about one's healing in whatever stage it's in, as we all know that all there really is to do, beyond the basics, is wait.
      Today the tattoo I got on Saturday started flaking en masse. I have never quite seen anything like it with my other tattoos, which usually go from stage to stage much more gradually; it went from nothing to the entire thing (and it's the entire front of my thigh) flaking off at one time. It felt so dry and uncomfortable under my work pants that I kept locking my office door to secretly strip down and give it a little moisturizer. The inside of my pants looks like I'm some kind of dandruff hoarder. Oof.
      Whine away, folks.