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Howdy, Just saying hi to LST

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Hello LST community,

Thanks for joining this great group. I am sure you will find posts both helpful and hilarious from Scott, Loch and the rest of the gang.

My name is tammy and I am here to help with any technical issues the forum may have.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them or to pm: me, scott, dari, or loch.

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    • I agree,some people here tend to get bent out of shape if somebody asks a question that has been asked before,well if it was asked a year or 2 ago,then things change in the world,so new POVs and opinions and products or styles ,etc,etc,is it really an issue ? the mods here do a great job and unless they do something then great,if not then apparently the issue was no big deal,and multiple questions and new threads on topics that have been asked before,SO WHAT ! if there is a violation of rules then the mods are on it. and BTW,google chrome does a great job of spell check as I type.
    • I know I am not a LST veteran, but this seems the appropriate place to respond after reading this thread.  The search feature is not perfect on this site (none are), I have tried it and recommend it regardless because it is a good step for someone getting familiar with this forum and newbies trying to avoid the Department of Redundancy Department... post fails. It is time-consuming for someone new, to become a LST Forum Historian or avoid repeating something talked about in one of 13,409 organically moving along posts, which spiders out into multi-topics, regardless of the thread start. So miss-steps are expected, I am sure I have done a few. Talking about the old days with nostalgia is wonderful, but we are here today and have the benefit of the old posts to refer to. This forum is wonderfully here in the now. I have haunted this site for years, but was uninterested in participating because of the apparent cliquish nature the forum used to have, as well as the infighting, name calling and expected banhammer if you did not tow the party line of the in crowd, which I may have been wrong in my perceptions, but it was the reason I personally stayed clear. Please know that I mean no disrespect when I say this, I may have been wrong in my perception completely.  I believe that this Forum is evolving organically into its new thing and we all have a part to play.  So as a newbie to this forum (and not new to Tattoos), and keeping my response in context to this thread, I ask that the veterans maybe, refer people to specific and I mean specific (line and verse, not just over there somewhere), instances of older post which answer questions from some other authoritative voices, paraphrase, or take what you know and the opportunity to give a fresh perspective on the topic, forged from experience and maturity, both on this forum and in the Tattoo Scene. What you posted 2 years ago may not be what you would post today, when asked the same question. I really value all the information here and spend hours reading, when I can, to gain insight and laughs, but, if you are a veteran with memory of where the gold is on here, that can be brought out of the depths of 13,409 posts, then why not take the opportunity to be the guide when you feel like it and dust off the goods, if you can find it yourselves.  Also Grammarly has a free program which checks your grammar, and spelling, before you post, so there will be less editing, after the fact (control Z does not work when the program is running so watch out, FYI). Just drop your text in the website before you post and your content will likely read better, or install it in your browser. I am using it cause I am a visual artist, not a writer, so I am trying to have what I am spending time writing, get across the way I intended. Does not always work, but worth the effort.     I would like to thank all the ones who have stuck to this forum for years, you deserve a hats-off for sticking it through and you now have the opportunity to steer this thing is a positive direction. Let your memory and experience be a resource, which will likely be unappreciated by newbies, but a few will turn into veterans some day with the right environment and your input.   Maybe fresh eyes, can glean some insight or take us to places we never thought of going yet. Anywho...Go LST Forum!  
    • Thank you! I think what helped me was I over hyped the pain beforehand and when it got time to do it it really wasn't too bad, even with Shige being known to be heavy handed.
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