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sup yall. tattooer from ottawa canada


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sup yall. some of you may know me from tattoodles. maybe i tattood someone here, that would be coo. regardless, i thought i would introduce myself as per request in the terms and conditions i chose to read instead of staring blankly at the screen for 80 seconds, which i was tempted to do. because like the usual thoughtless mouse clicker i am i'll wake up with one kidney before reading a terms and conditions list. but i can say for my first terms and conditions read ever, it was short, relevant and made that 80 seconds seem like no time at all. lol. anyway i could say kohlhass reffered me here..i had lurked and watched all the interviews but wasnt part of the forum and am finally givin it a big read through and seeing alot of cool stuff.

thanks scott for makin this place and posting all those super sweet interviews. they have been a genuine pleasure to watch. over and over.

looking forward to being a part of this forum.

so bonjour!

and check out yesterdays cover up.

do i do some smokin tattoos or what.


you see what i did there^

sealed it with a pun. im sorry.

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