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Ugh. I hate those people.

A few days ago a guy came in to set up an appt. He started blabbing about his wife that died in a car wreck and he never had closure. He never really got over her. He gave me the name and continued to tell me the story. He was drunk too. I took a deposit from him. Then he goes.... Oh wait that was seconds wifes name! My first wife was Donna! Clearly he never got over her. Then he tells me he heard it hurts less on muscle so he wanted it in the biggest muscle he had. His dick. I told him I wasn't gonna tattoo his dick but I'd be more than happy to tattoo it next to his pussy.

I was certain he wasn't gonna make it for his appt. but he showed up. Moved around the entire time as I tattooed it on his arm. He still kept sayin dumb shit. When I was done and collected the money I told him to walk out into traffic.

Same day, last tattoo of the day.... Dude came in 40 minutes before we closed. Said he wanted a pachuco cross on his neck. I figured, simple enough I can knock it out in no time. Draw one out then he wants an "S" in it. Then he goes on to ask me if I know what a pachuco cross is and that it's a Sicilian thing. Then I tell him he's mistaken that it was a Chicano thing. He tells me," well that's what my dead uncle told me and that's who I'm getting it for". Slap it on his neck and he tells me the "s" is for his girlfriend.

Damn tattoo should gave taken me 6 minutes to do. I got out of the shop ten minutes after we close shop.

As I was walking home, I started feeling sick. By the time I got home (6 blocks away from the shop) I was attacked with the flu. Been outta work for a couple of days. Think I can return tomorrow

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maybe i got sick to avoid more of these people.

man that first night was rough!!!!! cold sweats, body aches, non stop body shifting.....

then to top it off, at about 6 in the morning i woke up with the craziest leg cramp ive ever had. i screamed like a little girl for my wife. no joke. it hurt so bad, i thought i was gonna puke and then pass out. ugh

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i had a good friend do that to me a few weeks ago...then i showed her that video. she was speechless for the rest of the time she was in the shop. hahahaha

who would of though that video would actually help out?

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