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I am thinking about it. Jack Rudy will be there, but I am not sure if he is tattooing. I am about to drop a load of money tomorrow at Liberty, and I think that I am going to try and get tattooed by Marco Hernandez next month, so I don't know if I will have any thing leftover for the convention. But I am pretty dumb with my money so I may go down anyway.

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Definitely two artists who crossed my mind. I was also thinkin about Henry Lewis. I'm also pretty broke at the moment*, but it's hard to pass up an opportunity to get tattooed by great artists who aren't from the area. Thing is... I don't really know what to get right now! (won't be posting a thread on here asking opinions).

ALSO... if you haven't heard, Shawn Barber's also doing a book signing over at Super Genius next week that I'm definitely checkin out.

shawn barber

*that inventory thread about the dude spending $17K in 10yrs is something my wife definitely should not see

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Tell me about it and Grant Cobb is in town this weekend if I didn't already have the money committed for the convention and was rich I'd be down getting something from him. I just hope he and others start doing more guest spots at Liberty. I did tell my buddy to go see Cobb for his first tattoo and he scored an appointment so I will live vicariously through him.

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I've been planning to make the Seattle show for over a year, since we started the squidpants.

I was going to make a weekend of it with the missus, book a hotel, hang out...

Turns out it's the same weekend we take possession of our new house, and have some work to do right away :(

Maybe next year.

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    • Yes, blowouts can happen no matter how skilled the artist. The thinner and more delicate the skin, the greater the chance of a blowout.
    • Re-read the response. You don't know what it's going to look like until it heals. 4-6 weeks. There is no point in worrying until then. There is NOTHING you can do. EVERYONE'S tattoo looks like shit while it's healing and peeling.  Tattoos are not perfect. There is NO tattoo that you can't find something wrong with if you look hard enough. If you can't get past the perfectionist, I wouldn't get any more tattoos because you'll A) make yourself miserable obsessing over the tattoo or B) completely ruin the tattoo trying to "fix" it. You have a nice tattoo there, quit ruining it for yourself and just enjoy it.
    • Thanks for the reply. How do you think it looks from an outsider point of view? I felt as if the rose had maybe too much shading, but it could end up nice with highlights and once it's all finished. I'm just very particular and a perfectionist. Having that much black is kind of like WOW and I'm not really used to it haha. Was expecting something more subtle. 
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      Hey is anyone going to the Pagoda tattoo festival? It's in Reading,PA .. Many great artists are going to be there,if your on the east coast its def one to check out.the dates are August 7,8th & 9th
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      Friday, June 8th - Sunday June 10th.
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      I am writing because the Baltimore Convention is this weekend and I am really not excited about it in the least! I will probably go tomorrow night for about 2 hours just to say hi to people only because it is my hometown convention and I want to see if there is any decent art I can pick up but like I said....not excited about the convention....only about seeing a few people I don't see too often!
      Now...Troy runs some really good shows so that's not it....and I was stoked about Philly because there were a few people there I wanted to get tattooed by.....BUT I used to want to go see my friends at shows....say some flash or art....and then hang out even if I didn't get tattooed! Now it seems....for me at least....the vibe is different and I am not as stoked about going!
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