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Before I pay for it, do you guys make anything from this ? If so I'll definitely pay for it !

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Thanks for asking though unfortunately we don't as it is just a generic app that works with the program we use for the site. Have you seen the thread, Mobile App for LST that users have shared their experience?

I do know that we are trying to make the site better for mobile users so hopefully it's getting better.....

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Ahhh didn't realise there was a thread for this. Just got an iPad and viewing with chrome some of the photos are cut in half .

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      Not a tattoo virgin, but am getting my first sleeve next month. I live in Greece, hence my choice of artists is quite limited. I need someone that is very knowledgeable about Japanese traditional/neo-traditional to talk to, to make sure i picked the right artist! I booked two sessions one day after the other, in January.
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