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Hey hey!

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Hey there, LSTers.

My name's Mike and I'm a musician who just recently moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I decided to finally actually register here at the site after watching all of the videos and lurking the forums as a guest for months now.

I started getting tattooed about 5 years ago, but it's only within the last year or two that I've started to really understand and appreciate how incredible the industry is and how important it is to uphold the standards, respect the history/greats, and maintain a certain level of integrity at all times.

Since then, I've started collecting pieces from some of my favourite artists and at some of my favourite shops from around North America and I've been getting covered pretty quick.

I truly love tattoos and I hope to continue to help supporting the industry by getting tattooed and doing it right.

I'm super excited about being a part of the LST forum/community.

So, hi!

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Welcome aboard. You're in the right town for the music scene in Canada (it's Montreal or Toronto, really. Vancouver is oddly dead for music).

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For sure. I spent most of my life in Toronto, but decided to make the move here because it's a lot smaller and more in tune with the type of stuff I'm doing.

Thanks for the welcome!

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