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cover up ?


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Depending on what you want done, sure, I think any GOOD tattooist could make that into something you'd like. Nothing beats walking into a shop and talking to the people there...plenty of artists names bandied about here, find one near you and see what they say.

As Dan said, nothing compares to walking into a shop and asking an artist in person. While I'm not a tattoo artist I am pretty sure almost everything can be covered but the technical bit comes in to what could cover it. This comes down to size, color, placement, pattern and most importantly the artist skill (and skill at covers in general).

where are you from? what images do you like? if we had any info we could try and help. I even tracked down your initiation post but you gave no infor there either

I also am wondering where you are so I could help point you in the right direction. Location does matter (if you don't want to travel). What you would like to get tattooed over it matters as well since you already have a tattoo you don't like, there is no sense in covering it up with another tattoo you don't like.

I also cannot see the image as photobucket says it has been delete/moved.

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