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Hello from a fellow follower of tattoo :)

Just Alex

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I am joining this forum in search of a like minded tattoo loving community!

I currently have four tattoos with one regret...soon to be lasered and covered. No particular single style of preference but I at the moment I have some "new school trad" in both colour and B&G, some wildlife realism and the piece to be covered is a b & g piece applied by quite the butcher in my earlier tattoo seeking years. I see myself eventually being fairly extensively covered in a mix of styles with the overall impression of a tattoo scrap book...as much as I love looking at full and cohesive body suits I feel that that is not the way forward for me.

I look forward to making some acquaintances and learning some more about the industry/community/culture or whatever else you would like to describe our world as!

I hope to meet you soon!


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