Hello from Albany New York

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My name is Adam Tedesco. I got my first tattoo 17 years ago when I was 18 and have been collecting more and more pieces over the past few years.

I have been reading through Last Sparrow and decided it was time to register. This site is an amazing resource!

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Thanks Slayer 9019. I have work from Dustin Horan, Zac Scheinbaum and Chad Koeplinger. I have some stuff from other people that I plan to have covered/reworked. Next month I'm getting tattooed by Nathan Kosteschko and starting a rib/stomach piece with Chris O'Donnell.

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Here is the piece I got from Chad Koeplinger. I got this from him as a walk in while he was doing a guest spot at Smith St last month.

I'll get some pics of my others up soon.


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    • Unless your mouse pad is made of sandpaper you’ll be just fine once it heals. Tattoos are applied below the top layer of skin and won’t just rub off. Friction has nothing to do with tattoo aging. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • wait,what the hell ? LOL other than road rash form a motorcycle accident, I have to disagree 100% with this "friction can affect a tattoo overtime", the sun and age are the only things that affect a tattoo after it's healed, "friction" on a tattoo will NEVER affect a tattoo IMO, palm and bottom of feet tattoos fallout because of the type of skin it is,NOT from friction,
    • You don't need to worry once it's mostly healed. 
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