And our newest Team LST member is....

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........ @slayer9019 as a Community Leader, stoked!

We approached him after watching him join the site awhile ago as someone with no tattoos looking to get tattooed who ended up getting a tattoo he wasn't satisfied with so he took advantage of LST further so he could learn. He has since gotten some great tattoos and continues to work to help other new members and longtime LSTers have a better experience. One of the reasons we started this site was to show tattoo customers some of the best tattooers are approachable and the wait to get tattooed by them may not exist and/or is not that long plus affordable. In the long run it ends up being cheaper actually.

Thanks and welcome to the team!!!!

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Really thanks everyone here at LST! I'll do my best to help out here. Seriously you guys are the best!

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Here is a pic of me and my hammer


Uh, Slayer...hate to tell ya this bro, but it's a big oogly dragon about to munch on yer dome there!

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    • We do have this thread for art, though. To get an apprenticeship, you need to continue to build your art skills and create relationships with local shops and tattooers...a forum isn't really the way to go.
    • i think you have a lot of great subject matter there that can become a great tattoo.  let us know where you are located and/or if you are willing to travel and we can make some artist recommendations.  i am imagining so many different tattooers using your design as a starting point and making some really great pieces.
    • hey @Kracov welcome to the forum Everybody wants a unique tattoo. But the strongest and most powerful tattoos are ones that takeoff of classic imagery and timeless themes. Tattoo design is more than the drawing/image - placement, scale, composition, simplicity, black and contrast are very important in making not just a good tattoo but a unique tattoo. Your design - it's waaay too busy. A strong tattoo you can tell what it is from across the street. All the smaller items around the perimeter - the spikey eyeball, moon-spider-web, pictographs/icons, latin writing, asian/tribal markings - those all take away from the main idea but could work as one shot tattoos on other parts of the body like the arms. Maybe that would be a good starting point for you to get experience. Then you can go bolder and bigger with your battle-axe-predator-sword-demon-IDK idea. I'm not sure what exactly you're going for. Really a consultation with a tattooer is a first step to making any tattoo a reality. But you need to be able to answer this question: "what exactly do you want on your back" with the simplest, no-bs, get-to-the point answer. Suggest you cruise the LST forum threads, gallery and check out the tattooer interviews to gain some insight into what makes a good tattoo. cheers
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