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    • @marley mission Yeah, that frog you got from him rules so much. I'm the opposite of you. I got tattooed by him down in DE, but would love to travel up to MA.
    • Finally finished my Chad/Jondix collabo back piece yesterday, after nearly three years! Session 1:  10/25/13 at the Bay Area Convention, SFO Hyatt - tag team Session 2:  11/20/13 at Garage Ink, Napa, CA 11/20/13 - Chad Session 3:  7/10/16 at Yoni Zilber's private studio, Atlantic Highlands, NJ - Jondix Session 4:  10/19/16 at State of Grace, SJ, CA - Chad
    • @Kracov I know that: "Man mildly inconvenienced due to voluntary, likely to be ostracizing, cosmetic choice" isn't as fun a headline but come on... This is not a civil rights instance. Or at least it shouldn't be. Equating this circumstance to the terrible divisions and hate people faced (and still do in many parts of the world) is "embarrassing". Lumping things like this in with legitimate cases of discrimination trivializes the injustices those people are facing.  And, since you side-stepped it in your other response: Who's rights are being violated if you are required by law to provide a service or labor for someone against your will because of a cosmetic life choice they made? Do others have a right to your labor simply because they ask?  Rights have to go both ways if they are rights.   
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