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New here - new tattoos

Jake Anderson

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Hi All,

I'm Jake. I'm 28, married with two kids, Jack (turns 3 next month) and Layla (turns 1 next month). I'm an ELCA Lutheran pastor in northeast North Dakota.

I got my first tattoo (still my favorite) when I was 16; a sacred heart on back of my shoulder. I'm starting a sleeve that is a tribute for my family.

ladybug for my daughter:


ship for my son:


anchor for my wife:


rose for my mom:


wrenches and socket for my dad:


diamond for my brother:


heart for lost loved ones:


Outlines took two sessions, and I'll start filling color on August 9. Eventually it'll be a full sleeve, but am leaving the area near my shoulder open for the time being to allow pieces to be added to it. Thanks for looking!


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Thanks everybody. I'm pretty stoked on all of it. I was pretty impressed with the line work too. Out of all my tattoos, these (done by Bryon Burdick in at Darkside Tattoo in Grand Forks, North Dakota) are by far the cleanest lines. A bit more background on why I chose these images:

the ship for my son, Jack. He loves the Disney show "Jake and the Neverland Pirates"; it's a Peter Pan spin-off, and he love Capt Hook. He calls Hook's ship the "Jolly Jack", so I got a Jolly Jack for my boy.

The ladybug for my daughter, Layla. Her brother calls her Layla-bug, like lady-bug.

Anchor for my wife, pretty self-explanatory. The most secure thing in my life.

Angel heart for lost loved ones. Again, pretty self-explanatory.

diamond for my brother, Peter. Like I said, I'm a pastor, and in the Bible, Jesus renames Simon "Peter", which means "Rock" in Greek. Unbreakable.

rose for Mom. When I was 10, she got a rose tattoo on her ankle and I got to come in and watch. I was hooked. All my tattoos are her fault. Thanks, Mom! And, sorry... :)

wrenches and socket for Dad. He is a Snap-On Tools franchise owner. He sells tools to mechanics. I thought this would be a cool idea to incorporate his livelihood with some cool old-school skull-and-bones imagery.

As I finish it out in the coming sessions, I'll most likely be filling it with some wind bars, stars & dots, and probably a spiral on my elbow.

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