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    • Can anyone help does this look ok?  i got my tatoo done on Wednesday i have bean washing it and using bepathan on it like my tattoist told me to but im worried im doing it to much any advice appreciated thanks ;-) x it is starting to get a little itchy but not too bad tatto was done 5 days ago. 
    • IMO large tattoos,like full back or full leg or arm sleeve are a sign of the times, large tattoos are a part of the new tattoo world we live in, social media has also changed the tattoo world, when I started getting tattooed in the early 80's, it was all small pieces, back when I started you walked into a shop on a Friday night,picked a flash off the wall,and waited for your turn, I have one large tattoo,but all the rest I have are small to medium size, to each his own, but personally I like the traditional look of many small tattoos, 
    • My avatar is my answer. 😀
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