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My Dmitriy Samohin full sleeve & thigh piece :)


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Thanks mate, very short interview though :)

Guess because he doesn't speak English at all lol

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i always love finding the source material/inspiration!

I can post the pictures if you like?

Only one I cant is the woman and thorns as Dmitriy chose that, can post the woman we didn't go with :)

- - - Updated - - -



Creating a Vector Composite Effect from a Photo | Psdtuts+

I think I might have just found the inspiration behind this one! :p I used to be a photoshop tutorial madman and I totally remember this one. I never thought about turning it into a tattoo but that's a cool result.

Yep that looks like the picture, will post it below soon as I get home to see if its identical :)

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Absolutely amazing work. The flower coming out of the hands is one of my favorite pieces ever. The use of negative space literally blew my mind when I first saw it on Dmitriy's site. Can't believe how long you sat for, but with work like that, its worth it.

Just had a full sleeve done by Dmitriy Samohin.

I did 8 days straight 8-9 hours a day for all this to be completed. Around 70 hours :)

The Panther and Lion are on my thigh :)

Hope this is in the right place :)







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