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Just got home yesterday from a 13 day 4200 mile motorcycle trip with the wife. Took US70 from Tennessee to its Western terminus in Arizona, then back roads to Williams, train to the Grand Canyon, returned via US60 with a side trip to the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest. Also a stop to stand on a corner when a hot girl in a truck pulled up.9997c70e379e8314fb5928c72711dd07.jpgab138946d93b96d56058233af1230eea.jpg

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1 hour ago, pidjones said:

Looks nice, Dan. So, is this in preparation for some awesome trips?



thanks,and yes,our maiden voyage is this weekend for our 12th wedding anniversary camping in a local state park area. 

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3 hours ago, Singrid said:

Went back home after the honeymoon! It was great, both having it and coming back. Dan, congrats! How did it go? As an ex bride (currently a wife), I cannot help sharing useful articles I found while preparing the wedding.  it's about cakes as you can see, you can take a couple of ideas from here (as I did).



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13 minutes ago, Gingerninja said:

Haven't been hear much, lately. We had put our 15 yr old Boston Terrier to sleep a couple of weeks ago which crushed me. But here's the real reason I haven't been here. Meet Cooper, our newest family member. I am so tired! 

Cooper at 9 weeks.JPG

sorry for your loss,that's a super hard thing to go through,

but cooper is super cute and I am sure will cheer you up.

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    • cool tattoo. no need to cover it up... it'll fit right in with a traditional sleeve no matter which way it's facing. don't overthink it! i'd say the "rules" are that tattoos should face forward if they're on the side and face inward if they're on the front or back. i did a quick search of Bert Krak's IG for some examples. The peacocks on the back of the calves both face inwards. But on the client with the eagle backpiece, you can see a skull facing in and a hannya facing out... and no one will say that one's right or wrong. it's not even consistent and it doesn't matter! 😃 Just keep getting tattooed and it'll be all good!
    • that's correct orientation IMO
    • should be facing into the center of the body, like you have it, right?
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