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question for you tattooers

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I’m planning on getting tattooed in September. I wanted to get a bracelet (I think that’s what they’re called) tattoo around my wrist, as well as another tattoo on the side of my forearm on the same arm.

The question that I have is will this be a problem getting both of these one after the other? I was thinking that it might be difficult to get both of them done since they’ll be on the same arm and fairly close to one another. I don’t know though.

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The best thing to do I think would be to consult with the artist that you want to get tattooed by so they can walk you through the process and clarify any concerns you may have, face to face. Bring in any reference material you may have (i.e. print outs, drawings, etc.) so that they can better understand what you'd like to get done. They might also have suggestions as far as placement or composition of your ideas that may vary from what other artists will tell you here or otherwise.

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