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Collar tattoos: Necklaces, chains, ropes, wreaths NO SCRIPT PLEASE


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Looking for pics and ideas for collar tattoos (below the neck) that encircle the collar. I first noticed the mala bead tattoos some irezumi have in their tattoos and really liked the idea:


I'm thinking chains, ropes, beads, wreaths, ouroboros, or even Hooper style filigree would look great

Wondering how something like that affects a back tattoo- better to wait, get the back tattoo and bring it around from there?

*NOTE I have nothing against script collar tattoos, I'm just looking for collar tattoos that are image based.

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I got some Tudor roses from Stuart Cripwell, then went back and had him add stems:


Shouts to @nicky papers. This is what was pokin' out in that pic you commented on. :)

First healed photo I have seen of these. They look great. I like the look of tattoos that crawl up onto the neck, but are not full one side of the neck. I am thinking about doing the same thing, but using traditional roses or a couple of sacred hearts. I think Juan Puente would be a good choice for something like that.

- - - Updated - - -

I also agree that you should tattoo your back first.

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gotta admit, i've heard about that tattoo a few different times

it's alot better than i imagined it would be...

Dave Lum's tattoos are incredible. The subject matter is always a bit out there for my taste, but the actual tattoos are great. Tony Hundahl recently finished a backpiece that Dave started years ago, and it looks great.

The lady in the photo still lives in Austin, and is a great photographer. Besides the Dave Lum madness she also has some pretty awesome Thomas Hopper hand tattoos.

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