Some of the worst ever.

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if you go to the link of the artist's page, there are even worse than the steeler's tattoo. Honestly it is ridiculous how bad these are.

Does anyone know if this is a joke? It's hard to believe that anyone would put something so bad on Facebook. Well, I wish it was hard to believe ...

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Just stumbled on this.

and something with some nudity, which made me hope I never look like that when I get older. lol xD

- - - Updated - - -


I have no artistic ability whatsoever, that being said I think I could replicate this or even a slightly better version

my five year old little brother know's how to trace a dinner plate. fuck :/

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I guess the brightest stars burn out the fastest. From atomic cheetahs face book page.

Atomic Cheetah is now defunct. There has been way too much drama. I'm tired of funneling my own money into the business to the point of bankruptcy because of other people being butt-hurt and unprofessional. I will not be part of a Romper-Room style "tattoo school" where people throw one another under the bus. I will be in touch with my friends, collegues and clients with more info as to when and where we will resume our projects.

My apologies to everyone. I have tried very hard to keep a clean and professional establishment. I'm not sure what the future might hold but I am positive that once the Atomic Cheetah name is gone and I can move forward with my life that only positive changes will be on the horizon.

If you want to remain in touch with me, contact me via my personal page for updates. This page will be taken down at the end of the month.

Thank you for your support through the last three years.

For those of you basking in my failure: Fuck off.

Brian Hess

sole proprietor

Atomic Cheetah Tattoo

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I’m always baffled by some of the horrendous tattoos that I come across on a daily basis. Sadly, it really doesn’t surprise me. most people have shitty taste in everything, and just blindly take in what others deem to be cool or quality ie music, clothing, movies, etc, so tattoos really aren’t an exception.

i recently saw a dude with the chevrolet symbol with the american flag colored inbetween the lines. it was fucking horrendous. i saw a dude yesterday was a series of tribal tattoos that looked to be older, or very fucking shitty, and they weren't colored in. what the hell?

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