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Hi! I'm Dasha and I'm from California. I recently moved to Vienna, and this big step has inspired me and given me the courage to finally start my own collection of tattoos. I'm here mostly to ask for advice and learn what I can from those with experience in getting tattooed.

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    • As the title says, I have never gotten a tattoo before.  I have never been against them, I just never personally had something that meant enough to me to permanently put on my body.  Well I am 32 years old and about to have A baby girl in 2 weeks and the pregnancy for my wife has been very complicated and life changing and I think I finally found that thing that means enough for me to have on me forever.  However, having never done this before I am a lot of things: lost, scared of choosing the wrong artist or design, having it turn out bad.  The biggest thing for me though is that I am completely inept when it comes to art/design etc.  I don't know exactly what I want and I am not talented enough to create options.  I have googled quite a bit and have seen some cool designs but am not able to make them my own.   Here are some details and things I have thought of.   Her name will be Summer Nicole, initials will be SNK I am think of doing it on the inside of my left arm so that it is more inconspicuous and also close to my heart Do I do initials, first name or first and middle name? I have also thought of including the date of birth  Should I just keep it simple with her name or add something to it like a border, flower that would make it pop a little more     i know all of this is entirely personal preference, I was just hoping to lean on the experience and expertise of those who live and breath this every day.   Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated! If by chance you are bored and quickly able to give me some ideas or quick sketch thoughts it would mean the world to me.   I apologize for the long post and probably being the epitome of the very annoying "noob" for most of you artists but I am just hoping for anything that can help me.      
    • I like this topic man. I don't see myself as an overly morbid creature, but I'm probably more interested in the occult than the average person is. This has alot to do with the music I listen to, I admit (metal, and black metal especially). But I'm also a devoted atheist - I believe organized religion is the root of all evil in this world. So I really wanna get a tattoo inspired by the occult, but I'm afraid that may be crossing a line or whatever. I mean, the Baphomet on your upper arm or a burning cross on your leg, people are bound to brand you a lunatic.  I'm getting my forearm done soon, and it will be a portrait of one of the old godesses in norse religion. I did consider Hel, the queen of the underworld, but maybe that too is a bit too much on the dark side? 
    • If I was a cat, I'd be down to 1 life best. In fact, I may be ahead of the game. In just my 26 years in the Army, I had an 8" artillery shell detonate over my head and was hit with shrapnel but without injury, I've ridden 2 helicopters to the ground with engine hard enough to compress the skids...and walked away and was in the area of the Pentagon hit by the plane on 9/11 and twice escaped (at least) from circumstances where I could have not made it out. My uniform is part of the Smithsonian exhibition form that day....I stared Death down and smiled back. My second tattoo is attribute to the 9/11 experiences. Not focused on death but on the determination to live and to face the threat head on. That's why I chose an eagle standing on a pentagonal shaped rock with sun rays shining overhead. Death doesn't scare me nor does it control my actions. When it comes it comes...and I am ready to face the life after.  
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