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I have been really digging kitsune (Japanese foxes/mythical foxes with up to nine tails that shapeshift and make mischief) lately. I am thinking of getting one myself and in general think they are a beautiful subject for tattoos, but I am having trouble finding great examples of them! (Warning: if you google "kitsune" you get a lot of weird furry shit. I do not recommend it.) I know they must be out there, so please post awesome examples of kitsune tattoos and art that you have come across here.

Thus far I really love, of course, the backpiece that Shige did on Uncle Allan:





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Ask @hgiles to show you the one Brian Bruno blasted on his ribs. You will be impressed.

Unfortunately, I don't have a good picture of it. It's a hard area to photograph myself. Jeff Cribb did some mums around it -- maybe that pic is out there somewhere...

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Thought it might be appropriate to break my lurker status by joining this thread. Here's my in-progress kitsune by Claudia De Sabe at Jolie Rouge, London.

Didn't want to outright swipe the photo but here's a link to it on her facebook page

Claudia De Sabe's Photos | Facebook

I could be wrong, but I don't think anyone would consider you "swiping" the photo if it's of artwork done on your body.

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