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My name is Daniel and I've been tattooing on and off since I was a little kid (13). I learned real tattooing at West Coast Tattoo on Hollywood bl. I used a Spaulding and Rogers Puma back then. When I had my shops in L.A. and Costa Rica I used an 80s Superior, a Kaplan, a S&R Puma, and a brass Coastal swing gate. Since I got back from Central America, and not sure if I'm gonna open another shop or try and hook up with an existing shop who wants help with their walk-in clientele, I've picked up a couple more Pumas, a Stinger and a National Deluxe. I like doing a variety of styles but I try and stay true to what I was taught at West Coast.

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    • So I recently got a tattoo on my inner right forearm, and I am a pretty big PC gamer, playing many hours a day. I tend to drag my arm over my mouse pad for mouse movements, and am worried about how it will affect my tattoo? Should I worry? I am thinking of buying an arm sleeve later on when my tattoo fully heals to prevent the direct contact between the tattoo and mousepad. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
    • Hey Jacob!  As, again, is mentioned above it's going to take a few weeks before you see how your tattoo is healed. The milkiness is normal and should fade with time. As long as you're not experiencing any signs of infection just keep taking care of it as your artist instructed and your tattoo should be just fine. Your tattoo looks great by the way! Congrats on the new ink!
    • Everything @Dan said, plus it will NEVER look the same as it did when you walked out the shop doors.
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