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john kurse

7 years tatn

wealthy street tattoo grand rapids mi

signature tattoo detroit mi

twisted tattoo chicago il

sites under construction so its pretty lame right now



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    • Great pieces, Dan!!!  I'd love to get a piece done by Oliver Peck!
    • Synesthesia's response was thoughtful, insightful and articulate, that is the kind response that I like to read. Also marley mission's response was constructive, I can see where there coming from.  Thank you. Personal attacks are not constructive.  I read a lot on this forum that I am interested in and just pass it by without response or comment. I respect this commons space that others use, what I am interested in, may actually useful to someone else. If you have nothing to add, why not just move on.   When something catches my eye and I have something that I believe will add to the dialogue, I post a response.  There are sections of his Forum which have been dormant for years, which I believed I could add content to stimulate discussion. I am unafraid of starting a thread on a topic which is not being focused on, or is vaguely referred to on page 101 of 300-page thread. Also my unique perspective , I believe is an asset, on occasion, to provide insight to honest questions from sincere people who ask for help. I think that is the point of this forum. Having to respond to personal attacks on this forum is a waste of my time.  The reason I only recently signed up to this forum, was because I had some time and it seemed the historical, debates over trivial matters and person attacks seemed to have been shed. Maybe I was wrong. If the only input you have on this forum is witty cutting remarks and unconstructive criticism, why are you here?      
    • my wife and myself got some work from Oliver Peck yesterday at the SFO show. my wife got this octopus it was put next to this  mermaid Oliver did last February ,she is working on a traditional underwater leg and I got this on my right upper thigh,it's about 8x8" . . .
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