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***ORIGINAL***Aaron Cain built/ GRIME frame designed **BIG "G"** Tattoo machine#108


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Yes, this is an original Aaron Cain/GRIME Big"G" #108, purchased from Grime personally just before the turn of the century, HaHa. I started to get my sleeve/chest plate from Grime when he was on a huge guest tour, and we discussed the purchase of the machine during my appointment. I ordered and paid, then agreed to meet up at a convention for me to receive said machine. Of course I ran the machine, but at the time, I was REALLY INTO the machines I was using, and I've always been that way, so I never made any tattoos with this machine. This has been one of my modest amount of collectibles, ranging from an original Japanese edition 5 Lion VOLTRON in the un-opened box, to an original **pristine** Vision GATOR complete..never even rolled on concrete. I only listed these other examples of my particular choice of collectibles as marks on the timeline of my life. So, while this must seem like blasphemy to some that I am selling this machine, I have my reasons, they are deeply significant to me, and it DOES HURT to be rid of this machine. For this reason, and MANY others, some very obvious, I would like to get the absolute top dollar that I can for the machine. I have been offered enormous amounts in person at conventions and from many local tattooists, and they showed the cash to back it up...but at those times, I had no intention of selling it. But a recent epiphany changed my perspective on "material possessions", and "tools of my trade" that made me really feel ready to part with it, albeit for the largest cash offer someone makes in a reasonable time. THE CONDITIONS.... I will make sure to the best of my ability that the buyer is an experienced tattooist, with an appreciation for exactly what he is purchasing here, and how special it really is to many...not just other tattooists, but those who collect, covet and or simply love and appreciate the body of work of the 2 great artisans responsible for its creation. I would like to correspond with the buyer at length,(in a friendly way, I'm an ethical tattooist, not a Tattoo machine "Nazi"). I'd just like to get acquainted with said buyer, and inquire respectfully about your desire to own this machine...and maybe your favorite color.??? As well, the buyer will assume any and all shipping costs including insurance which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! If anyone has taken the time to completely read this post, you might understand how much this transfer of ownership means to me. That being said, I hope you will also understand my wanting TOP DOLLAR, HIGHEST OFFER for the machine, without judgement or prejudice. Thank you very much for your consideration. I also offer the option of more discreet, private communication via email after our first correspondence. Again, thank you, and God Bless.

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Hey Ya'll, I realize I've only had the "BIG G" up for sale for 1 day, but I'm really impressed with the amount of "views" that the post has gotten, thank you all very much. So, in the spirit of motivation to maybe start getting some offers, 'm gonna change my stance on something... I didn't want to explain why I want to sell it, because I've already gotten a little crap for selling a coveted item, and seeming like I was "pimping it" to a local artist.

But, the primary reason is one I think you can all appreciate as fellow artisans.....after 20+ years tattooing for a living, I'm getting a little burnt out, but in favor of pursuing another art form, Ostrich Egg Carving, which I've only just begun to pursue. So the start up costs can be pretty high, and I'm gonna have to take off a lot of tattooing time to devote to the carving, as it takes many hours, depending on whether its cut through, or relief sculpted(which is so friggen cool with Emu Eggs, since they're dark blue, and get lighter as I carve deeper), or just the level of detail.

The eggs, of the highest quality are pretty pricey. I've got to get a biohazard jumpsuit and respirator due to the excessive toxic dust, then a top-of-the-line Fordham Rotary Tool, diamond bits, yadda yadda yadda. After spiritually coming to terms with parting with the machine, I vowed to spend the money to full-bore invest in this new venture, and screw up a bunch of early projects to really get proficiant, without just doing one occasionally, and never gettin' in a flow. I see a future of gallery shows or installations, and the desire to do this is practically keeping me up at night.

This is no B.S. It's very meaningful to me, and getting the "BIG G" sold for as much as I can fetch, like in auction style over a reasonable amount of time is pivotal to gettin' 'er done!!! So, I hope I begin to get some serious offers soon...its a dope machine, and from what Ive been told by those that have tried to buy it off me, the folks that have REALLY wanted them have pretty much bought 'em all up. So wish me luck, and I wish any of you enjoyment if you happen to buy it. Laterz.....


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Yeah, I tend to email, text and post with less regard for proper rules of writing...I'm commonly just trying to send a message, or just get some point across. But, I noticed you did write,"easier" and I never really thought about it like that, especially writing longer stories or explanations that I really want to get across, like this thread for instance. Thanks. I may edit my posts here,(I think I can) but they're usually such run-on thoughts, that I may find it hard to find appropriate paragraph breaks.

Admittedly, I haven't had a PC or a laptop for so long, just relying on a smart phone with auto-correct that I barely remember to0 use apostrophes! lol. Thanks again.

Bot oh, the point of the thread again...SERIOUS TATTOOISTS AND COLLECTORS..PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER!!!!! Thanks.

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I messaged aaron and showed him the photo of what it is your selling and he said it was in real

Good condition. He also told me how much it's worth and I offered you the top price of that. If you like I can show you the email etc. honestly I really do want it and will take the best care of it. Thanks Again


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