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That would be me! My name is Kody, and I'm 20 years old. I'm originally from Denver, but currently live in Tacoma, WA. I randomly stumbled across this site searching for something on Google, and decided to register after reading through a few posts! Anyways, I hope to get to know some of you and share cool stories and whatnot!

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That wolf head is killer!

Thanks! I can't wait to finish it. Though admittedly, it looks like a finished piece as is! haha

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    • Quit looking so closely! Nobody else is, I promise! It looks ok from here. It's ink jammed into your skin with needles. It will never be CGI perfect.
    • Clutch placement on that violet, I really dig that one. 
    • Hi guys. Happy to join this place! I have a question... I got a tattoo a few weeks ago and I'm not quit happy with it. I love the design, but I don't like the quality. I think it's messy at some points. What do you think of the quality? And would you get it fixed or would you be okay with how it looks right now? I know it's a personal opinion but I would like to know what others think as well. Thanks!
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