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That would be me! My name is Kody, and I'm 20 years old. I'm originally from Denver, but currently live in Tacoma, WA. I randomly stumbled across this site searching for something on Google, and decided to register after reading through a few posts! Anyways, I hope to get to know some of you and share cool stories and whatnot!

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That wolf head is killer!

Thanks! I can't wait to finish it. Though admittedly, it looks like a finished piece as is! haha

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    • Good Point Tattoos has a great crew who can hook you up,  I am sure. Good Point Tattoos & Piercings
      2335 Trafalgar Rd 
      Oakville, ON  Close enough to you?
    • Each of us has the opportunity to make posts that encourage more dialogue and add to the conversation, which originally grows on this forum, I never know what I will find, one day to the next, that is what is amazing about his forum, always opportunity to direct things in a positive, informational, educational way, without accusing anyone, we just make an effort, course correct, and proceed.  For those not in the know, sobriety is a current state for many, until the next drink, while Straight Edge is a commitment to one's self to be sober into the foreseeable future, for various reasons, as diverse as the people who choose this path, in a way 'against the current', in our hedonistic self-destructive, society. If you choose drugs and alcohol, I do not judge, you, I respect your choice, it is just not my path a this time...  Also Straight Edge and tattoos are joined at the hip usually lol.... they can afford them.
    • Hey Stu, thanks for the reply! David's work looks awesome too, thank you for the recommendation. I only say he may not take the project because on Evan's page there is says he is being selective about what he does/does not take on. I haven't gotten in touch with him yet though.
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