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Combining Tattoo 101 and War Stories


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It seems like those two categories are essentially the same thing. Also, there are some design threads getting thrown in the those two (like I would think the Full Back Piece thread should be in Designs.) As for naming conventions, I think calling the combined Tattoo 101 and War Stories something like "General Tattoo" will cut down on 1) people asking about tattooing advice ("101" implies school/education) 2) War Stories sounds like a place to vent, which I think gets covered pretty well in Random Crap. Just putting that out there.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for this suggestion.

We have been discussing internally and have made some changes to these sub-forum names & descriptions to help differentiate the difference between the two.

We'll continue to move threads to their most logical forums as we encounter them.

We didn't combine them because we want to make it easier for everybody to browse the forum by topic, rather than ending up with one giant mixed bag of topics.

Keep the suggestions coming as always!

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