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Hartford CT convention

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Well, Hartford CT just held it's first ever tattoo convention this past weekend. I had never been to a convention so we were anxious mainly to walk around and see what it was all about. I was prepared and actually expected to get a walk-up if I could find an artist I liked who had time. Unfortunately being a small convention there weren't really any artists I was interested in, and the few real good artists (like Stefano) were fully booked. Philadelphia Eddie was there and a couple of TV "artist" celebs like Al Fliction and Amy Nicoletto were drawing crowds but that doesn't interest me. Even though I didn't get any work done and the few artists who did traditional tattooing weren't very good I still had a good time and I'm glad we went. I think if I was to get something done at a convention I would try to schedule an appointment as the walk up routine seemed real random. I also hope that if Hartford does it again they can attract some more better artists but we'll see. I'm glad I got a taste of what tattoo conventions are like so it was a good experience.

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