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First Tattoo Complete!


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What do you think about the lack of color in the inner center of the petals? I'm not sure if I'll keep it that way or not.

I just got my 1st tattoo and I've spent hours thinking of ways to make it better and finally realized I was over analyzing every detail of a well done tattoo. Now I spend hours brainstorming and researching ideas for future tattoos because I still have lots of empty space to fill...

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Congrats on going all out on your first tattoo and getting a some really boss ink!!

I have a friend that really wants a Traditional Japanese half sleeve but he is afraid its going to hurt. a few people are telling him to get something small and go from there but I keep telling him if he goes to a good artist and really loves the Traditional work and half sleeve look go for it first up he will more so regret a small cheap tattoo over a getting a timeless art form and waste valuable skin if he decides to get more in the future.

Its funny how he is scared of a tattoo needle too as he is a ex Heroin addict that did time for armed robbery.

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