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I've got 2 old (under 10 years old) Dermagraphics tattoo machines for sale.

I have a Bear (brass) and a "VMachine" stainless finish.

Probably need parts and a good tuning!

Make me an offer & we can go from there.

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I have a V Machine from Dermagraphics that I'm going to rebuild.
The other guy is right... probably best used as a paperweight, but it's kinda sentimental to me.
My first machine was a "Bear" from Derma, and I rebuilt that one (and still use it once in a while!). I ran across another guy that gave me a frame for a V Machine, so I'm rebuilding it so I can have the set.
The only thing is... I can't find the piece that goes between the "Quick change nut" and the frame. Technically, I would guess it's part of the frame, but it was lost over time.
Anyway... if you've still got that machine kicking around and aren't using it, would you want to sell me that piece from it? I won't pay much. Tops like 4 or 5 bucks, but I need it to finish rebuilding.
Think you can help?

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unfortunately, I've sold my previous, but you can find the same it's available It works really smoothly, however, it's more convenient for professionals if you are just starting you'd better look at this list they gathered low price but comparatively  good options 

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