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    • Here’s my progress so far on my sleeve from Bobby Cupparo @ LOVEMACHINE N.Y.C. We’re about 25 hours in so far - I think we’ve roughly got about that left before the project is finished. I had (and have) ink fallout from black inks so my blacks usually need some touching up.  The lionness was the first piece of the sleeve to be worked on, and was recently worked on this past Saturday. The mandrill is a few months finished at this point. Everything usually gets touched up a slight bit going into each session to address problem areas. 
    • Nice! Are you Pittsburgher or bleed black and gold?
    • Yeah, no. You still don't know what you are talking about. Sorry, but don't make generalizations. They aren't helpful, and they are baseless.
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    • By ByeBye
      I wanna get lasered on this tattoo but I wonder if it will be worth it? Its super dark. Would it even go away completely or at all? Should I just fade for a cover up? 

    • By Anisya
      I know many of you are film lovers but there doesn't seem to be a thread about tattoos in films....I decided to start with my favourite from 'Eastern Promises'
      (this picture doesn't include stars on each knee that he had in the film, as far as I remember)
      I don't think people realize that most tattoos you see in the cinema are the work of theatrical make-up artists....I think they've made a good job on Viggo and those tattoos are also very important to the film plot as we realize that we are dealing with real Russian mafia, not some plain criminal...and that there is some tragic history behind each of those marks....
      Anyone has a favourite tattoo from a film?
      Or maybe an opinion on how tattoos are represented by the movie industry? And why is there so much TRIBAL?? In the era of HD TV and digital cameras the excuse that some tattoos don't film well and it's best to use bold black designs is no longer enough to justify all those designs!
    • By rosskjones
      Howdy, i recently moved to los angeles and am now working at art and soul tattoos.
      2600 south robertson blvd. los angeles ca. 90034
      Come and check out my stuff and get tattooed. I also tattoo out of a private studio in san francisco once a month.
    • By BugsyPageau
      My name is Bugsy Pageau, Im from Arizona and im into doing tattoos, looking at pictures of tattoos, painting, looking at paintings. I think im in the right place.
    • By RoryQ
      Met commissioner bans 'unprofessional' visible tattoos - Telegraph
      The Met has, in recent years, been pretty strict on tattoos they deem to be racist or potentially inflammatory (I think that may even include things like a st. george's cross or union jack). I gather potential recruits had to send in photographs at one stage for evaluation.
      Now the commissioner seems to have banned outright tattoos on hands, face and neck as 'unprofessional'. Members of staff who already have them have to register them with their line manager or will be regarded as having committed misconduct.
      Smacks of cracking a nut with a sledgehammer, surely? I'd be willing to bet that there are a fair few P.Cs in the Met (perhaps mostly female) who have small visible tattoos on the back of the neck, behind the ear, on the wrist, but I would be surprised if that many UK coppers have the type of hand and neck tattoos that probably spring to mind as we think of them on LST. Actually, if that's an incorrect assumption on my part and any London members can tell me otherwise I'd be interested to hear about it!
      Over here the rule of thumb is that if you have 'visible tattoos' such as a sleeve then a police officer will probably find themselves simply wearing long sleeves all the year around. What to do with something which cannot be covered easily is a trickier issue. I'll be interested to see how they eventually deal with the Met staff who do register these 'visible' hand, neck and face tattoos. Will that be the end of it, or will they be drummed out or into back-office roles?