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Hello all!!!!


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Hello...I was on here a ways back just starting out..but now Im back. The Name is Jeremy Hall. I am a tattoo artist..machines builder..and love to do water color painting. Just a breif background and no judgement for where I came from..I am simply on my own and doing what I do. I apprenticed under Joshua Carlton and worked for The Great American Tattoo Company in shelbyville IN until october of 2011 and I was a builder on the ultimate irons web site..til around 2009. I am now in Redlands CA working for Jonh Montgomerys The Grand Tattoo Lodge and just recently have taken over the Alla Prima Machines. I work full time on both Tattooing and Tattoo Machines and wouldnt have it any other way..in my spare time I water color paint and draw a fuck ton and also work on my machines..Crossroad Irons. Im simply here to shoot the shit and maybe make some new friends and also see what other tattoers are doing and up to these days. Not looking for hand outs..free info..or a pat on the back for things that I feel I should be doing anyways. Im aware of how some folks feel about my teachers..but they are the ones who gave me a chance so all I ask is be respectful to the fact that they are the ones who gave me a chance and I will always have there back...so please understand this isnt about them...this is about me and how Im doing my thing..this isnt about them. So its great to be on here and apart of this site and I am looking forward to meeting everyone and having some fun. Thanks for taking the time to read this.-Jeremy Hall-

By the way JHmachines is the name of my machines.

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