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hello ^.^


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My name is victoria, and I am a college student in Louisiana. I currently have 3 tattoos(one very recent that I am actually quite concerned about) and eleven piercings mostly in my ears. I would love to have a place to share stories/images of my art and make some friends(and get some help now and again, preferably sooner rather than later heh).

I am going to love getting to know you guys =]

(also I do sort of need help as soon as possible so if anyone feels like looking at a pic and telling me if i'm going to die[heh] maybe we could go to private message or something, as I can not post in the question section yet but would like to know if I need a doctor before my window of time closes up/the doctor's offices close for hurricane isaac since school is now canceled because of it. the pic is just my calf nothing graphic)

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Thanks guys, I wasn't sure if it was proper etiquette here to ask in this section.


There is the image url.

Yellow liquid and thick scab

I was using h2ocean and this part bubbled up, I think I was over-moisturizing, so I washed and let it dry out today and it now looks like this(48 hours after it was done). Should I keep it dry and let the scabs fall off?

I started using lubriderm unscented sparingly on the rest of tattoo and it looks great, should I stop that? Or use it on these scabs? and if it is supposed to be drying out, do I need to keep washing it if it hasn't touched anything since last time i did?

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