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State of Grace 10-Year Anniversary Party (NOT the convention)

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I'll be there on Saturday. But no one will notice. I'll probably be behind a screen. I've a session and I'll be getting me bum tattooed again. Sssssigh...

No, seriously, there's some serious talent coming. This should be pretty cool so I hope I'll be able to poke my head out. Much congratulations to the SOG crew!

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Yeah, man...helluva lineup! Tim Hendricks, Chuey Quintanar, Ben Grillo, the SOG crew themselves, dudes from Forever in Sacramento--and I think Chad Koeplinger joins the fray tomorrow.

Great seeing @Lance, briefly meeting @ian, and choppin' it up with Chris Brand (who is not only amazing, but such a nice guy).

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Went to the party yesterday. It was cool. Some nice prints by Horitomo for sale. I was able to snatch a copy of the cat tebori print and get it signed by him. I'd have bought his Yoshitsune warrior print too but I couldn't figure out a way to bring it onto my return flight to LA w/o damaging it.

The place was busy w/ a lot of machines buzzing. So busy, that they were running short of tables to work on people. I got the back of my thigh worked on, and Jill finished up a namakubi there. I'm really digging it. Can't post a picture since I'm on my cell till I fly home. But it's on Jill's Instagram if anyone wants to check it out.

Great seeing all the guest artists and seeing everyone working. I briefly talked to a couple of them and they're some really nice guys. Also saw @hogg. Great seeing you and talking at the party!

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