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I am off to Victor Portugal in December to continue my back piece and as usual will be driving.

I thought on the way back I will head over to some other countries. I have chosen a route, picture below :)

I am looking for top notch artists along this route or as close to. I thought if there is any along the way I will stop and get a piece :)

Any recommendations?

I know Boris is on the way and I think Buena Vista in Germany somewhere but is there any others really worth to see?



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I won't be as helpful as bigjoe but if you're into realism style tattoos, I believe Andy Engel is in Germany. I'm sure there are many more but that's all I can personally think of off the top of the head and he's pretty sick.


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Wow thanks for so many suggestions!

So many talented artists about. This is plenty for this trip for me to have a look at.

Thanks for the blog, have saved it for future. Also the convention information is just what I was looking for but could never find :)

Just had my first knockback from the artist I chose first for the trip, shame but still plenty more to contact :)

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