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Salutations! :)


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Good morning, everyone! :)

My name is Page, and I just joined the forum this morning.. I hope to find a bunch of people that love, and live tattoos (:

I don't have many right this moment, BUT I'm working on that, lol. :)

Two to be infact! Both are solid black raven silhouettes, and I got them just a little while ago on the 15th of last month, my 22nd birthday present to myself, I plan on adding onto them, but I have to regain the courage to get work done on my ribs again, lol.

I grew up very strictly pentecostal, and met a guy named casey page who opened my mind up to the wonders of tattoos when I was sixteen, or seventeen. I've been thinking about the birds I got since then, and I'm glad that I finally went through with it.

Hope I get to make new friends, and see a bunch of stellar work! Tata for now! :)

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