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Going to jacksonville in a month for my birthday to get tattooed and aside from the obvious choice, mike wilson, which location of artists do you guys recommend?

I can't decide. I'm wanting to just do like a walk-in because I've never been to jacksonville and might be out doing some other things before getting tattooed, but I'm wanting to get our hotel relatively close to the shop

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bumping this thread for advice.

I just set up an appointment at the Inksmith, 3rd street/jacksonville beach location. What is the best/cheapest route there from the airport? I was thinking about renting a car because the transit route according to google maps was 2.5 hours long, kinda intimidating. But on a closer look, it looks like it's only 2 different long subway (or bus?) routes, the JIA 1 train, then the Rosa Parks M train, so maybe its not that hard.

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