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Lori Todd

Hello, from sweaty South Florida

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Hey all, I'm guilty of NOT posting an introduction thread. Started puling together my collection about a year ago, although my first tattoo was about 10 years ago. I blame Instagram for helping me finally pull the trigger after learning so much about the different styles of tattoos. At first I didn't really know what I liked and over thought every design, now I lean more towards the traditional style and want to collect pieces as I travel.

I don't really have many photos of my work, but when I do, I'll add them to my gallery. For now, here's what I was able to get off Instagrams:

Rose of No Man's Land by Steve Whittenburger @ Rock-a-billy Tattoos in Lauderhill, Fla. Fresh.


Floral by Steve Whittenburger @ Rock-a-billy Tattoos in Lauderhill, Fla. The "T" was existing already, let him incorporate it anyway he wanted.


gah that's all I can really find right now. Like I said, gallery soonish.

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Welcome to LST, Lori, glad to have you aboard! Some very nice work you the "Rose" piece especially. Hope you enjoy your stay here, and find plenty to interest you.

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    • my thoughts on hands - though mine arent done - are that its an area on your body that has been exposed to the elements probably as much as any other body part you have and that over the years that skin has been through alot - i relate this to how my lower arm tattoos are some of my toughest healing spots - i grew up at the beach and i think at 45 years old the skin on my lower arms is just 'beat' - definetly some of my hardest areas to heal - not to mention you are looking at these spots all day - you know the saying - 'can a watched tattoo heal'
    • The reason the wrist peels differently is because there is usually more flexibility to that particular skin, the area being a joint, which needs super stretchy skin so you can move the wrist. Keep the area good and moist, like bongsau wrote, baby the area and wait 6 weeks before passing judgment or deciding on what to do next. I agree with what marley mission wrote also, you may not need any touch up at all, further to that, your Epidermis, (which is the outer layer of your skin), might have been thicker there any way (unless you had been to a spa recently and got a skin peel, lol), and is only more noticeable, because you are focused on that spot. Wrist skin peels thick in my experience.... time will tell. Hope this helps. alleviate some stress...
    • Hey Darren ... just leave it alone and let your body do its thang to heal. Hands are stressful to heal. When I got my hand done it looked like I had the flesh eating disease for a couple weeks and was really stressed out about the ink drop outs and scarring. And then once the rough healing period was over it was fine. So relax, baby your paws for a few weeks and let the tattoo be a tattoo. Cheers bud
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