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Greetings! Longtime lurker needs advice!


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Hey guys,

I've been reading the site for a year or two now and have gotten a lot of great information here. I'm starting to get a great collection of work from some awesome artists.

Recently, on kind of a whim, I got a statue of liberty tattoo. It's awesome--I love the design, composition and color. I really think it looks great. Here's a picture.


My issue is that the design I chose has a globe and anchor at the bottom. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I've been worrying it's too similar to the Marine Corps logo. Now, I'm not a Marine and neither is anyone in my family. I really don't want to disrespect anyone's service. Am I over-thinking this? I'd appreciate your feedback.

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I also have to admit I looked over the picture before reading. Killer tattoo

I would not say it's a Marines tattoo. It is awesomely patriotic (hell yea!) but almost all Marine tattoos I've seen usually say USMC and/or other military bits around it.

The eagle globe and anchor is the marine logo, and it is similar to this design, if you look at the bottom of the flag as it is made to look like tail feathers, you might say it gives a nod to the logo design, although their are a lot of variations of that design as at one time it was popular thing to get tattooed, but really without the USMC or something of that nature, it just looks like a badass tattoo. If you picked out a heart on the wall and it said MOM, but you decided to get your girlfriends name in it, she wouldn't be offended because you got a mom tattoo. For the record I haven't seen someone come in and get a marine core logo in a long time.

Steve Byrne you say, well I had a feeling this tattoo was done by someone really talented.

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That's a great looking tattoo! I didnt even notice the EGA at first glance. O ce I went back and looked for it I noticed that element of the tattoo. I have to say it doesn't jump out as a Marine Corps. Logo at all. Even though all of the elements are there it is still very different. Don't over think it. It's an awesome tattoo!

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