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D’inked – A Tattoo Removal Documentary


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Just watched it. Some thoughts

The bulk of the tattoos I saw there I had no problem getting removed but the one guys arm tattoo looked ok. I didn't see a need to remove it (why not add?). I have only flirted with the idea of removing one of my tattoos but only because it just doesn't look right in the overall plan I have.

Like my tattoo artist said "why bother removing it now, just put a bunch of cool ones around it!".

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I gotta say, watching that clip made me cringe when they showed the lasering parts. That guys half sleeve was pretty solid, I don't think I would have done my back if it were so saturated.

Mine never bled and I don't believe that @Scott R had any bleeding, I'm not sure how normal that is. Maybe @jinxproof1996 can chime in...

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