Hitchhiker gets Tattoo for each car that passes him... really?

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    • By bulldog
      We found LST and now get good tattoos but what before? We must of got some bad tattoos on the way....
      Here we can post our bad tattoos and the story behind them
      I'll start with one of mine, done when I was 16 some 22 years ago, even when new people asked what it was, it's a bat moon and 3 stars by the way...!

    • By PhilB
      Teenager left with Marilyn Monroe design 'like a blow up sex doll' after £50 session | Mail Online
      Reader's Digest version: Dumb teen goes to guy for cheap tattoo. Surprisingly, guy who agrees to tattoo teenager for cheap sucks. Teen and her mom decide to expose guy after he reneged on refunding her money for monstrosity he created.
      Is this kind of publicity good or bad? I'm torn. On the one hand, it helps to educate people about scratchers. On the other hand, many people will assume that all tattoo artists are like this douchebag.
    • By MsRad
      Ok, so I don't talk about politics here, and I'm not about to start (nor do I want this thread to start any political debates), but this is just batshit crazy, regardless of who your candidate of choice is. From the one and only Gawker:
    • By kylegrey
      Siberian princess reveals her 2,500 year old tattoos
    • By abees
      some of my favourites are attached below.