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Apprentice from Québec! Shy hello!


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Hi everyone!

I'm not really good to introduce myself but let's give it a try!

I'm Bianca, from Québec, a french canadian province, so I usually don't speak english... that will excuse (I hope) my 10 years old grammar. Hehe. I'm doing an apprenticeship in a tattoo shop here after doing 2 years in an graphic design program. I really hated it, too much computer, not enough pens and papers... and I was in this program only for the illustration part that was not that much present in my courses.

Right now, that's not easy, but I'm not here to complain. I found what I want to do of my life, so I'm ready to be bashed and I think I have the motivation and the patience to pass through my apprenticeship.

BUT, after all, I'm only here to share my passion for tattoos and drawings with all of you! I've seen a lot of tattooers I really admire posting on LST, so, no reason to not join the community!

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@Pugilist Hehe, yeeeee welcoming in french! Yes I'm doing a kind of apprenticeship in Québec... I've got a strange "master" that was practicing in the shop I am right now and left one day without saying it to me to open his own shop alone with his girlfriend that bought a tattoo removal machine. (His girlfriend was jealous of me, whatever... he was realllyyy weird with everyone even with his clients. That's a long subject.) I've been rescaped by the people at the shop and they are all teaching to me, I think that's really better this way... The shop is called Anim Ink, not really known but really good artists!
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