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Hello from Wisconsin!!!

Brock Varty

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Hey everyone...

I am Brock from Nothern Wisconsin. I have always loved tattoos but have gotten serious about it in the last year and a half. I go in for the final session on my right arm tomorrow. A fellow by the name of Tim Morris is doing a pretty traditional Japanese sleeve for me.

Through him I discovered Kore Flatmo and actually am starting a full back/ass/right leg project with Kore in January... Kore directed me here and I gotta say that I love it. I have been lurking for a couple weeks and I hope that I can make a meaningful contribution to the tattoo community.

Would love to talk to people and get to know everyone...

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We will expect many photos of that Flatmo piece (and the one you currently have in progress).

Oh, and welcome!

Oh, pictures will be taken. I'll be sure to share. I'll have some good shots of my arm in a couple weeks. I know that lots of people like Japanese stuff and I like to think my arm is a pretty dang good piece. When I get concept studies from Kore I will post them up. Should be incredible...

I'm happy to have been greeted by you guys! Thanks for the welcome...

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