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I am trying to add some interesting tattoo(er) tumblrs to an account for our shop but i keep running into blogs full of Rihanna tattoos :(

If you have a tumblr, can i add you? Whats your username please? <3

I hope I didnt overlook an existing thread :/

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I uh.. Like your shoe laces.. my tumblr isn't a tattoo one (though I do follow a few) there is one about tattooed parents and their kids, kinda cute not sure if you'd like it?

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    • Finished - Butterfly, dogwood flowers and mandala. Stitch detail around the outside is referencing classic embroidery patterns

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    • Bongs, thanks for the input. I was worried about the level of detail in the face, especially. I think I may ask her if she could outline the head and details in black a little more. 
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