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stumbled upon this video series

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I was browsing the youtubes when i came across a music channel that had a playlist called behind the ink. Basically they interview band members about their tattoos.

Some are absolutely crap and just warp tour body suits, but i found this little gem. Purified in Blood has some very tattoo enthusiastic members who got work by Thomas Hooper and Tim Lehi just to name a few.

(if someone else allready posted these feel free to remove this)

Take care

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Thanks - didn't know the bands featured on this channel (feeling my age!) so checking them out now.

This raises a question - it's so common for bands to be tattooed today, but who started it all? Who were the first bands/musicians to really have tattoos as a part of their image? (and lots of tattoos, not like Janis Joplin who had maybe two, although that was major for the time)

There's Black Sabbath in the early 1970s with Ozzy's tattooed knuckles prominent. Then AC/DC mid to late 1970s with Bon Scott out front (and from the same stable Rose Tattoo with Angry Anderson). Johnny Winter and Greg Allman were around then, but not sure if they got heavily tattooed until later in their career.

Everyone else I can think of - Rollins, Stray Cats, Chili Peppers, Crue, Gunners - are not until the 1980s. So who am I missing? Who else got the ball rolling back in the '70s, or even earlier?

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    • I currently reside in Portland Oregon which is a pretty free thinking liberal microcasim in a conservative state. This year I traveled to SF, Oakland, LA, and Seattle so far and what I've noticed is the sheer previlance of hand tattoos on younger people (my people) 20-30s. Having had the opportunity to be tattooed by some of the most respected cats in the game we've talked about this phenomena. The resounding answer I hear from those tattooers is that they will avoid tattooing hands at almost all costs. When I really break it down with them their criteria is always the same, the individual should have heavy coverage, a stable job without any aspersions of making a massive shift in the work force and an understanding of the gravity of a hand tattoos whether they see it that way or not. I love hand tattoos I love the power they carry and at times I see myself with them one day. I always end the internal conversation asking myself those same questions. Do I have the coverage that would garner the respect of those in the industry I look up to, am I in a financial place where I feel stable enough in my job, is there another career that I might be limited or barred from because of my self expression? I am in no way suggesting these are rules everyone has to have thinking of getting hand tattoos.  I guess I'm hoping to start the conversation on this current influx of hand tattoos, will these young people change the norm in accepting hand tattoos or are they just as limiting as we were raised to believe even in this day and age?
    • I love those, they're both really lovely! 
    • THREE YEARS THATS NUTS!!!! For which waiting list though? He has three lists: One shot/Small stuff, Sleeves/Multi-session, Back pieces.
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