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stumbled upon this video series

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I was browsing the youtubes when i came across a music channel that had a playlist called behind the ink. Basically they interview band members about their tattoos.

Some are absolutely crap and just warp tour body suits, but i found this little gem. Purified in Blood has some very tattoo enthusiastic members who got work by Thomas Hooper and Tim Lehi just to name a few.

(if someone else allready posted these feel free to remove this)

Take care

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Thanks - didn't know the bands featured on this channel (feeling my age!) so checking them out now.

This raises a question - it's so common for bands to be tattooed today, but who started it all? Who were the first bands/musicians to really have tattoos as a part of their image? (and lots of tattoos, not like Janis Joplin who had maybe two, although that was major for the time)

There's Black Sabbath in the early 1970s with Ozzy's tattooed knuckles prominent. Then AC/DC mid to late 1970s with Bon Scott out front (and from the same stable Rose Tattoo with Angry Anderson). Johnny Winter and Greg Allman were around then, but not sure if they got heavily tattooed until later in their career.

Everyone else I can think of - Rollins, Stray Cats, Chili Peppers, Crue, Gunners - are not until the 1980s. So who am I missing? Who else got the ball rolling back in the '70s, or even earlier?

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    • Thank you for all the replies thus far... As a matter of respect I will treat this question as genuine, and take this opportunity to respond, this is my first time wise opportunity. I think it is a good practice to provide well thought out responses, so everyone can benefit from our input.  I am trying harder to provide quality content, which will attract others and grow the forum, by example where possible.  Most people, in North America have three budget priorities, regardless of their income or job (1) rent (2) food (3) party stuff.   The reason I write "they can afford them" is because in my own experience, when I partied, I spent a lot of time and energy in the party scene, then.... when I quit Smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, quit drinking alcohol and quite taking recreational drugs, I found two things on my hands.....Time and money. Time I would have spent partying was now available for other pursuits and money earmarked for partying was now available for other things. I was sober quite a while before finding a group of people who called themselves Straight Edge, (this was before internet, was a thing for me). What I thought was wonderful, was that these people were not only sober, now, but where committed to being sober into the foreseeable future, which allowed them to pursue more meaningful endeavors. Tattooing is part of the culture because it is as permanent as their commitment to themselves. You have to be genuine before you would likely tattoo a huge Straight Edge tattoo onto your body.  Tying into the tattoo relevance of this post, and your question, the last bar tab I pad off was $6000.00, so instead of spending money partying, I spent it investing into tattoos for me. I was able to fly to Tattoo conventions with pockets of cash and level up my collection pretty quick. Three days three tattoos, on and on. Met lots of great people at these conventions as a collector, it was really worth it for me.  Being Straight Edge gave me a focus and opened my time and money to get a good tattoo collection, also when you look at straight edge bands and shows they are fully of suited up people, because they can afford to get tattooed and a lot of them. Despite all the partying I did before I committed to the edge, my edge is real and I have no hesitation to say I am Straight Edge, I have the track record to show my sincerity. I do not think the past matters too much, you cannot change it anyway, what is available is the future and what you can do for yourself. Make positive choices, one after the other and life gets better al round. My next Tattoo is going to be an Edge related design! What worked for me may not work for others, but if you want more tattoos, change your budget goals, you do not have to go straight edge, but you can follow the example....a half measure is still going in the right direction.  Does this answer the question?          
    • Likewise! You guys got some cool pieces and funny how we ran into each other!
    • Thanks! Last night was only 3 hours but total for Shige was 15 hours and 8 for Jeff
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