Amazing Documentary on Sailor Jerry that sucked me in

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I would say any person worth the air they breath should see Hori Smoku. Really gives a good insight into some of the early-ish times and war times of American traditional tattooing and then also touches on some of the Japanese influence. All in all, great doc.

What is the name of the Ed Hardy one?

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I finally got enough time to sit down and watch this on Hulu.

There was some really interesting insite to the early tattooer's, and culture.

It also gave me more respect for the art from that time period after watching it.

Things like, Purple Ink... who knew?

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so I watched it lastnight,I loved it,5 out of 5

I liked the historical information of the tattoo world.

I would have liked to have known him.

I think any good human being would have liked to have known Jerry. Strong, steadfast people like him is what helped get tattooing to what it is now. It is up to all of us to bring it back and carry on the demeanor and character he showed.

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