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Bummer of the Week - Bon Iver uses online contest to pick a new tattoo design.


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I saw this posted somewhere and it really just surprised me. I am not a huge fan of the dudes music but I certainly respected him as an artist. I am a graphic designer and this website (which is mainly used for design related requests) really pisses me off in general...to have a bunch of people not get compensated for their work with only a slim chance of getting picked for the job AFTER they have put in the work is wrong to me. It also dilutes the value of a designer in general when people think they can get a logo for their company for 200 bucks off some website. Never thought I would see this happen with something as personal as a tattoo but here it is and I am sure 1000 little lamestreamers just got the same idea. I know I am preaching to the choir here but it really pisses me off. On a side note it appears this dude already has some shitty tattoos including some lame text and a state outline.

edit: Sorry meant to post this in General Tattoo Discussion

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