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Hi folks. Name's Aahzz. I'm a father, husband, guitarist, and IT guy living in the Cincinnati area. Got my first ink about a month ago, am scheduled for piece number two this coming Friday...and have been enjoying poking 'round the net at a variety of tattoo-related sites :).

Looking forward to hanging out here, and will post pics here's number one, 3.5 weeks healed....


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hey ahhzz, welcome to the forum.

can you tell us the back story behind your piece? any special menaing...i love hearing about stuff like that.

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Hi Tammy, thanks for the welcome.

I am influenced by a variety of Pagan traditions, so I designed this as a symbol to encompass several. The "Tree of Life" can be traced to Celtic, Norse, and Kabbalah, among others. The Ankh incorprates the Egyptian, as the symbol of eternal life. The Pentagram also comes from a variety of traditions, and can symbolize protection, health, and spirit as well.

The tulip is for my late father, who loved tulips.

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Thanks for joining in on not only the site but jumping right into the various tattoo forums and sharing tattoo pictures with stories. Look forward to mor eform you.

Until then.....


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    • That's super! Great contrast.  Love the commitment, too. 
    • I like it!  Roses would work really nice. Ferns?  Sextant? Tools? Engine? Close-up of a Scarab or other bug?
    • Hey guys, Reviving the full back piece experience thread. So I had never been tattooed before and last year I decided to dive in for my first one and begin my traditional Japanese full back, (cause if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly right 😂) The tattooer is Matt Collins at Unseen in Adelaide. I know I don’t have anything to compare it to, but having read this thread I know what you all say about full backs is 100% true, it is damn hard work. We’ve just completed all of the background and that last session shading in rocks over the tailbone was definitely brutal. About 20 ish hours in I think. I love the finished product though, and can’t wait to see the cranes and leaves once we get into those, mostly black and grey with some red on leaves and cranes heads, haven’t decided on the omamori design yet.  
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