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Hey, my names Eric I tattoo outta E. Boston MA @ Wave n Pave Tattoo. I can't wait to start using this site!!

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    • I follow Rodrigo on Instagram. Great Japanese tattoo artist. I would go to him and not even consider another artist on that arm. Dragon a great choice. 
    • Thanks for the advice!!! i joined this forum to ask the very specific question of "should i go back to the same guy" haha. you dont think someone might be able to do a second sleeve and follow the one i already have though? only reason why i ask is because im going to japan in april and it would be really cool to have some stuff done from around the globe.
    • Thank you very much guys!!  i got it done from a guy in nyc named rodrigo melo. found him on instagram and flew down from toronto to get it. dont regret any bit of it.
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