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New York Comic Con!

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I'll be attending this year's New York Comic Con on Saturday the 13th- going up just for the PUSHEAD event then no plans till my bus on Sunday.

I know one other Last Sparrower who'll be there, but... if any of you NY folks want to grab a drink Saturday night... I'll likely be down.

Also, if anyone wants to check out Comic Con on SUNDAY, I have a weekend pass and wont be going on Sunday, you'd be welcome to it.

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Slayer- I have a four day pass and I'm only using it for Saturday. If you want it for Sunday, it's all yours once I leave. It's a good convention, but I'm just there to blow a month's mortgage on a single toy. :D

Cool stuff! Now I am very interested at what would cost a months mortgage.

Also as far as timing goes for a meetup, I'm getting tattooed at 10pm that night, got my schedule changed around a bit. Not sure when everyone is down to meetup but depending where in NYC I'm cool up to about 9:15ish, or if closer downtown 9:30ish. Kinda lame but I'm still down to meetup for a bit. Otherwise I'm doing nothing all day Saturday.

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I ended up running out of time; had an AMAZING time. Pushead picked me as #1 in line (and my buddy Patrick from here on LST was there, too! Scored some nice toys himself) so I was in geek OVERLOAD!

Sounds awesome! I am going to make it a point to go next year (tattoo scheduling provided). What cool stuff did you get? You to @gougetheeyes

Side note it is probably a good thing I didn't make any plans for Saturday or Sunday since I ended up at the shop until about 3am.

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