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Whats up fellow forum members? i have joined many forum boards, and been kicked off everyone, except the salt water aquarium board, aint much to say over there. I'll be honest, i just say i what i think is right, some agree, some don't. most people who know me, consider me a faithful friend, dependable, i dont dis respect, i expect the same. i don't play any race games, all people have their own struggles, they don't need me to bring any hardship there. ill probly ask a bunch of stupid questions, and i still jam black sabbath! i believe i speak the way i do is from years of listing to heavy metal,and punk music, and building models in the 70"s close door and model glue take ya some where. i believe Jesus Christ is Lord,

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    • Welcome. I think a lot of things can have an affect on felt pain... placement, your state of mind, general health, etc.  Do what they recommend, rest, good meal before, hydrated, take a snack along and you'll be fine.  Just stay calm and don't make it worse than it is.  Maybe let everyone know where you're getting it for more specific advice.
    • I’m pretty new to this site so sorry if i don’t really understand how to work it, but i’m getting my second tattoo tomorrow and i’m excited but also nervous because it’s a different body part i’ve never gotten tattooed before AND it’s a different design and style of tattoo than my first so i’m not sure what to expect besides the feeling of getting repeatedly stabbed by a needle lol. I’m mostly just nervous about the pain where it’s going to be located, i’m not expecting it to be painless because let’s be real pretty much all tattoos have some pain.
    • Really glad my stress is amusing you all   
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